About Aenea Franchise

We don’t like to stand still

It started with a salon, and quickly grew to become a high-end professional-strength skincare line; and Aenea isn’t stopping there.  Continuing our quest to bring our exacting standards of beauty and wellness to a global community of beauty aficionados our plans include expanding our skincare line and reaching out to new international destinations.

Our knowledge and experience plus our commitment to succeed in the beauty and wellness industry means we attract only the most highly skilled therapists and expert stylists, allowing us to grow exponentially, and maintain the reputation we’re deservedly proud of.

From our clients’ needs, comes true innovation

What began as a few casual requests in the salon – “what would you recommend I use at home?”  –  was turned into a mission to supply our clients with only the best.  Working with an internationally renowned team of chemists, we formulated a line of skincare based on cutting-edge epigenetic science, that delivers our forward-thinking philosophy for unparalleled, award-winning results.

Our Aenea treatments and services incorporate the use of our very own Aenea product line and include;

  • Aenea Skin
  • Aenea Hair and Body Care
  • Aenea Nail Polishes
  • Aenea Brow and Lash Serums

A head to toe approach; under one roof

We love being able to offer the latest new treatments, but we also like to deliver the classic salon services at a consistently high standard and to a fair price.  Answering the needs of our highly informed clients, we offer an exclusive menu of results-driven treatments, prioritising performance, speed, and precision.

Aenea is made up of three target sections;

  • Hair
  • Beauty & Spa
  • Clinic

Along with these three core elements is our cutting-edge Aenea product line for both retail and professional use. Training is another core part of Aenea and we ensure that team members are regularly updated with in-depth, rigorous and on-going training programmes, to guarantee our impeccably high standards of service are met and to enable them to keep up with evolving techniques and trends.

Lucrative high earnings potential; backed by a proven concept

An Aenea Franchise provides the perfect opportunity to get involved with a trusted global brand, with a proven track record. Delivering a unique, multi-faceted approach enables us to be a market leader, with an established concept that provides a uniform experience throughout. As time-poor professionals continue to look for expedient yet exclusive environments in which to get all their beauty needs met under one roof, Aenea is that one stop destination.  Backed with our in-house training, a professional product line and retail stock, we believe we have created the perfect business model. With revenue from treatments along with retail and the cross-selling of services, Aenea has proven to be a winning concept.

Our market research confirms there is significant consumer demand with room for competitors within the lucrative beauty and wellness industry.  A perfectly replicated Aenea Franchise offers everything you need to succeed with:

  • A turnkey operation
  • Unequalled, on-going training and support
  • Innovative retail and professional product line
  • Strong marketing and PR support