Meet The Director

Beauty brand entrepreneur

An entrepreneur, a leader and an outstanding expert in the global beauty and wellness industry, Damien Zannetou grew up in London to Greek-Cypriot entrepreneur parents and developed a precocious aptitude for business. Channelling his passion and curiosity into Aenea, his vision, expertise and ability to innovate has helped redefine the high-street salon experience for the 21st century.

Damien has worked with a host of top celebrities including Hollywood actors Mark Strong and Gary Oldman, as well as glamorous performers and presenters like Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Kimberley Wyatt from the Pussy Cat Dolls and stars like The Saturday’s, Robbie Williams and TV presenter Keith Lemon. He’s combined his shrewd business sensibility with an instinct for knowing what will be the next big thing in beauty, allowing Aenea to develop into a brand that systematically sets new standards within the beauty and wellness industry.

Multi-faceted and multi-tasking – with one vision

In 2010, Damien opened his first salon in Clapham, which combined the essential services offered in a salon, a spa and a clinic all under one stylish roof.  Ahead of its time, the concept of bringing together such different sectors of the beauty industry into one fully operational and accessible location, was a true innovation.  Delivering to a high-end market while maintaining reasonable prices, has kept Aenea a unique success story, and allowed it to grow into a hugely lucrative enterprise.

Aenea Skincare – a breakthrough in epigenetic skincare

Aiming high, Aenea skincare works with internationally renowned scientists and is based on studies into epigenetics.  Literally meaning “on top of” genetics, epigenetics is an exciting revolution in skincare with astounding implications.  It effectively means that we can regenerate or revitalize our skin’s genetic ageing by attaching epigenetic tags to our DNA in our skin cells. By using certain active skincare ingredients and potent delivery mechanisms, the skin’s cells learn to read our genetic imprint in a healthy, strong and supportive way, enabling us to protect our skin from pollution, in turn, keeping us looking younger for longer. Our products are free of synthetic colours and fragrances and do not contain any sulfate detergents, phthalates or petrochemicals, which is increasingly a concern in skincare.

Of the utmost importance – because you can’t be beautiful if you’re doing ugly things – Aenea skin promises to ensure that no animal will suffer for the sake of human vanity, and is both PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) approved and suitable for Vegans.  And as an added bonus, we donate a percentage of our profits to support the Wild At Heart Foundation – a charity that aims to humanely reduce the 600 million stray dog population in the world, by neutering and re-homing.

The Aenea Franchise – our future is your future

Bringing this trusted brand and proven concept to a wider audience works best with a supportive network of similarly minded Aenea affiliates. With a highly prized PETA approval, an Aenea Franchise offers franchisees the opportunity to tap into the highly lucrative global beauty industry, through partnership with an award-winning brand. Combined with our deep knowledge, experience and 360° approach to beauty, Damien Zannetou has developed a modern franchise model that includes everything you need to succeed in this highly profitable industry.

Aenea Cosmetics won the ‘My Face My Body Awards 2014’ for Best Cosmeceutical Range 2014.

Aenea Cosmetics also won the ‘Global Wealth and Finance Awards 2016’ for Best Health and Beauty Product Manufacturing Firm 2016 – UK.