What’s in it for me?

Simply put, an Aenea Franchise offers a fast-track to our hard-earned success. The Aenea brand stands for quality and efficiency, which translates into a potential for high earnings.  Coupled with our support and expertise, including strong PR, marketing, training and branding, plus the opportunity to tap into the Aenea celebrity following, it’s a short-cut to attracting an exclusive, fashion-forward clientele and maintaining a steady discerning high-profile client-base.

Start-up, support, success

With every Aenea Franchise comes the guarantee you’ve got everything you need to make it a success from the get-go. With an exceptional team of talented people on call and working on your franchise start-up 24/7, we’ll use our unique insider beauty knowledge and industry experience to make sure you provide your clients with the ultimate  head to toe salon services they’ve come to expect from our high-end beauty brand.  With expert marketing techniques, celebrity links and continued product development, you can be assured that your new clients will be making a visit to your Aenea Franchise a regular in their beauty diaries.


  • We’ll assist in helping you find the best retail location for your Franchise, with high footfall and close public transport links.
  • We’ll help with the lease negotiations, to get the best deal for you.
  • You’ll have a turnkey operation, fully set up and operational ready for business.


  • We’ll provide full training for all of your staff, ensuring they deliver that exceptional, in-demand and bespoke Aenea experience to your clients every time.
  • You’ll have access to our cutting-edge computer systems, software and sleek, stylish website.
  • Once you’re up and running, we’ll plan your glamourous launch party.


  • With a strong marketing campaign including below and above the line, as well as online and PR, we’ll help bring the masses of super-savvy, beauty conscious clients straight to your door.
  • Continued development of our in-demand, cutting edge treatments and services to ensure your clients have access to the best.
  • A visible link to a host of celebrity fans and clients, which will help create an aspirational buzz about your Aenea salon.